Starium (was Re: article: german secure phone)

William Allen Simpson wsimpson at
Mon Jun 4 21:56:08 EDT 2001

Peter Gutmann wrote:
> "Perry E. Metzger" <perry at> writes:
> >I was unaware that Starium has ever released a product to be compatible with,
> >and a quick glance at their web site fails to reveal products for sale. Am I
> >mistaken on this? I would very much like to buy their products if they
> >existed...
> They went belly-up some time ago, I don't know who owns the IP rights.
I thought they were going to release the details and do a public 
standard?  Where are the details?

Is there any interest in putting together a little research group?

Here's what I think the basic requirements would be:

 - must work as bump in the cord for any analog phone line, and talk 
peer to peer with any similarly configured analog phone line.

 - must talk with any similarly configured digital phone line.

 -- correllary, should work with OffTheSelf V.34 modem chips.  We 
already know how to do this with ISDN NAPs.  No real need for V.92.

 -- correllary, will also work with phone talking to computer.

 - must use diffie-hellman generated shared secrets.

 - must use either/both pre-configured secret and/or public-key for 
identification phase to prevent MonkeyInTheMiddle.

 - price point under $100.

 + a big plus would be to figure out how to use with currently deployed 
IP phones.  I'll note that Cisco phones load their firmware using TFTP, 
which I think is pretty insecure, so upgrades shouldn't be a problem, 
and might very well lead to a much better product....

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