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somewhat as an aside .... the "gift" cards (and other flavors) that you see
at large percentage of retail check-out counters in the US are effectively
digital cash ... although the current incarnation results in a different
card at every retailer. however, they are online, magstripe-based digital
cash .... utilizing the same ubquituous point-of-sale infrastructure as
debit & credit (it is just that the transaction routing goes to different
online transaction processing than credit & debit). The issue of whether or
not it would be possible to use any card at any merchant is more of a
business rule issue than a technology issue.

note from a higher assurance standpoint ... the x9.59 work is applicable to
all electronic transactions .... whether they are credit, debit, e-check,
OR (online)  digital cash ... AND x9.59 transactions could flow over both
existing ubiquituous point-of-sale network and/or a ubiquituous internet
network (or any other kind of network).

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lynn.wheeler at on 12/28/2001 4:50 pm wrote:

A "local" financial branch implementation and a digital cash implementation
might have a number of similar useability attributes .... aka from the
standpoint of how local funds do you have immediately available .... aka
funds are transferred into you local PDA as digital cash for immediate use
.... or funds are transferred into the local financial institution for
immediate use.

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