Source discrimination.

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> Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2001 23:44:08 -0500
> My search is not directly related to cryptography, except perhaps, as
> part of the stegonograph y threads: 
> Does anyone know of a source package that can discriminate
> vocal/ambient noise sources from musical/instrumental sources?  Ie,
> instruments vs voice?  I'm aware of various canned bandpass
> approaches, which work (sorta) for karoke use, but don't quite work
> for what I'm trying to do.  (I want to preserve both "channels" for
> separate analysis.)

Not exactly what you're looking for, but it might give you somewhere to
look...  In the early '70s there was work done at the University of
Utah by a doctoral candidate (first name 'Tony' - I forget the last
name) separating voice from music.  He used a recording by Caruso from
the early part of the 1900's as his data source.  Tony succeeded.  Had
the voice on one channel with the music on the other.  Used a digital
FFT to make the discrimination.  The FFT was compiled in Fortran and
ran under DEC Tenex in a standalone mode on a PDP-10.

(To give you the time frame) About this same time, also at the
University of Utah, Barry Wessler made a 'Hidden line' algorithm that
also ran on the same setup.  Barry made a 30 second animation of a
biplane doing a barrel roll to show that the hidden line algorithm

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