ipsec for OS X?

itojun at iijlab.net itojun at iijlab.net
Mon Dec 24 21:20:12 EST 2001

>On Sat, Dec 22, 2001 at 09:14:33AM +1100, Nicholas Brawn wrote:
>> A cursory search on Google has not shown up any available solutions for
>> ipsec on OS X? Has anyone come across, or know of any vendor/open-source
>> solutions available, or soon to be?
>KAME should be portable to Darwin, no? What's Mac OS X using for
>IPv6? (Is it?)
>(This is not to say that anyone has done this porting, of course.)

	Darwin source code contains KAME IPv6/IPsec code from some point in
	the past.  none of those are enabled in MacOS X, maybe due to the
	lack of GUI for them (nor Darwin developer environment).


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