Nat'l Assoc. Recording Merchandisers on DMCA

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> The National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM) is one of
> the few official voices standing up for the music-buying public, in
> addition to its primary role as support organization for music
> retailers. The group recognizes that grumpy consumers ultimately
> mean unhappy retailers, and it announced last week that it is
> submitting written testimony to a US House of Representatives
> oversight hearing, criticizing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
> Section 104 Report that was released earlier this year by the
> Copyright Office.


> "DISAGREE with the Copyright Office's assertion in Footnote 41 that
> Section 109(a) is a right without a remedy. There is absolutely no
> legal basis for concluding that Congress didn't mean what it said in
> enacting Section 109(a), or that Congress intended Section 109(a) to
> be voidable at the discretion of a copyright owner.

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