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> 12. Criminal Enforcement Against Terrorists
> Syracuse-based Transactional Records Clearinghouse (TRAC), a non-partisan
> group monitoring federal staffing, spending, and enforcement activities,
> recently posted this report covering referrals for prosecution in
> international and domestic terrorist cases. It is difficult for the American
> public to monitor the federal governments efforts to find and prosecute
> terrorists because of the necessary secrecy that surrounds the feds' anti-
> terrorist activities. With this in mind, TRAC obtained (under court order)
> 131 computer tapes "with data that offer the American people the most up-to-
> date and complete view ever available about how the government is enforcing
> the law against international and domestic terrorists." The data graphs,
> tables, and text available at this site are a sampling of findings about the
> 1,338 referrals classified as domestic or international terrorism-related
> from October 1996 through September 2001. These findings reveal that, during
> the years 1997-2000, there were between 40-60 referrals for prosecution
> involving international terrorism, but in 2001, this number jumped to 204.
> It also shows that federal prosecutors declined to bring charges against
> more than two out of three of the criminal suspects who they classified as
> being involved in domestic or international terrorism. The investigative
> agencies included the FBI; the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA); the Bureau of
> Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; the US Marshal Service; the IRS; and many
> others. [HCS]

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