CIA funds anonymous web surfing

Arnold G. Reinhold reinhold at
Fri Aug 31 09:26:18 EDT 2001

Today's Boston Globe and New York Times report that the CIA is 
funding Sefeweb technology that lets users surf the Web anonymously. 
The parent agency of the Voice of America is negotiating a license 
for the technology to use in bypassing China's 'Net censorship.

"The US-funded network of proxy servers running Triangle Boy would 
provide a ''dynamic, constantly changing set of access points through 
which Internet surfers in China can connect to VOA and to other Web 
sites that are typically blocked,' Hsu [Safeweb CEO] said." 

So if a U.S. citizen working as a programmer on this project visits 
China to deliver a paper at a conference and is arrested for 
conspiracy to violate China's laws, will the U.S. consider the arrest 
and subsequent prosecution a legitimate expression of Chinese 

Arnold Reinhold

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