New Microsoft Security Server* (*runs Solaris)

Jon Callas jon at
Sat Aug 25 21:40:19 EDT 2001

At 11:08 AM +1200 8/26/01, Peter Gutmann wrote:
>Microsoft is currently running a series of double-page ads in various security
>magazines advertising the new Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration
>Server (see for example Info Security Magazine, August 2001, p.38-39, or
>Information Security magazine, August 2001, p.2-3).  The picture in the ad
>shows a sysadmin sitting in a network room in front of the server.
>The server is a Sun machine.
>(Nice to see even MS admit that if you want a secure server, you shouldn't be
> running Windows on it :-).

They also have a flash demonstration about the wonders of Windows XP and
how great it is. There are many pictures in it of happy people in front of
various PC. A couple of them are people sitting in front of Macs. (One in
particular is a tower that is obviously the 8600/9600 series, and the
people are typing on what is obviously a Saratoga keyboard.)


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