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-Select Royal Bank customers to receive Zero-Knowledge Systems' Freedom
Privacy & Security Tools-

Montreal, Quebec- August 15, 2001-Zero-Knowledge Systems today announced
that Royal Bank will begin a six-month pilot program in the fall offering
selected customers the opportunity to try privacy and security tools for
personal use with their computers at home.

The award-winning Freedom software will allow users to secure different
aspects of their Internet experience, such as alerting them of unauthorized
attempts to connect to their personal computer, simplifying registrations
when shopping online, preventing activity-tracking "cookies" from being
stored on their computer, and sending personal information only when it's
the consumer's choice.

"We've designed tools that average consumers can use in their own homes, to
give them greater control over how they share their personal information
when they do business, surf, or shop on the Internet," said Hamnett Hill,
Executive Vice President at Zero-Knowledge Systems.   "Companies like Royal
Bank have robust privacy and security measures in place for their web-based
financial services. Our privacy tools give consumers added confidence when
they enter the open marketplace of the Internet."

Zero-Knowledge, which has been providing security and privacy enabling
technologies and services for the past two years, is partnering with OEMs
(Original Equipment Manufacturers), ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and
now financial institutions like Royal Bank to make their privacy and
security tools available for distribution to customers.  "We're pleased to
make our privacy and security tools available through organizations that
want to help increase their customers' positive experiences online," Hill

"Our clients have come to trust the privacy and security of their
information with Royal Bank when doing their banking online.  We want to
bring tools that offer privacy and security to other parts of their online
experiences," said Peter Cullen, Corporate Privacy Officer at Royal Bank.

As part of a direct mailing in the fall, Royal Bank will offer
Zero-Knowledge's Freedom Privacy & Security Tools for free to selected
current and potential online banking customers.  Based on customer feedback,
Royal Bank will consider offering the tools to all its customers next spring

Cullen added: "People want more choice and control over what they reveal
about themselves online. Royal Bank continues to work on many fronts to help
customers feel more comfortable using new technology for their everyday
needs, such as shopping and banking online. The easy-to-use tools developed
by Zero-Knowledge put additional control over privacy and security in the
hands of the consumer."

About Zero-Knowledge Systems, Inc.

Zero-Knowledge Systems (www.zeroknowledge.com) is a provider of security and
privacy software and services. Zero-Knowledge equips Global 2000
organizations with the software and expertise to manage the security and
privacy of corporate and customer information assets, build brand around
consumer trust, and lower the cost of complying with global privacy
regulations and industry standards. Headquartered in Montreal with offices
in Redwood City, California, the company's suite of products includes the
Privacy Rights Management Center for secure and private management of
customer and corporate data within organizations; the Zero-Knowledge Gateway
for secure and private corporate Internet activities and communications; and
the Freedom Privacy & Security Tools for personal privacy and security
online. Journalists can visit the online pressroom at

About Royal Bank

Royal Bank of Canada (RY) is a diversified financial services company. It
provides personal and commercial banking, wealth management services,
insurance, corporate and investment banking, and transaction processing on a
global basis. The company employs more than 57,000 people who serve more
than 10 million personal, business and public sector customers in North
America and in some 30 countries around the world. For more information,
please visit www.royalbank.com.

(Freedom(r) and Zero-Knowledge(r) are trademarks of Zero-Knowledge Systems,
Inc. These trademarks may be registered in certain jurisdictions. All other
trademarks are sole property of their respective owners.)

For further information, please contact:

Dov Smith
Zero-Knowledge Systems
dov at zeroknowledge.com

Sara Best
Royal Bank Media Relations


  Dov Smith
  Director of Public Relations
  Zero-Knowledge Systems, Inc.
  T 514.350.7553 F 514.286.2755
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