Public Records in USA v. Sklyarov

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Subject:      Public Records in USA v. Sklyarov

Cryptome has obtained 60 pages of public records filed in
USA v. Dmitry Sklyarov: five pages of Court documents and
55 pages of submissions in support of Dmitry's character and
achievements. They are offered in compressed TIFF format:

Court Documents:

Order Setting Conditions of Release and Appearance Bond, August 6, 2001  (1 page, 87KB)

Magistrate Judge Minute Order, August 6, 2001  (1 page, 83KB)

Warrant for Arrest, July 11, 2001  (1 page, 43KB)

USA Motion to Seal the Criminal Complaint and Arrest Warrant, July 11, 2001  (1 page, 42KB)

Sealing Order by Magistrate Patricia Trumbull, July 11, 2001  (1 page, 28KB)

These five are available in a Zipped file:  (5 pages, 276KB)

The Criminal Complaint was also in the public records but
heretofore published:

Submissions in Support of Dmitry:

English and Russian documents -- consulate letters, certificates
of education and achievement, letters of colleagues, friends and
Elcomsoft clients -- in a Zipped file of compressed TIFF images:  (55 pages, 2.82MB)

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