moving Crypto?

Peter Fairbrother peter.fairbrother at
Thu Aug 2 16:43:28 EDT 2001

> Ray Dillinger at bear at wrote:
> It is time to move the conference because it is no longer safe for
> cryptography researchers to enter the USA.
> Bear

I'm worried about the long-term National Security implications. If DMCA
stands and US cryptography researchers are imprisoned en masse, or forbidden
to work, then the best US crypto people will migrate to - Russia? Where they
would be free to do their research?

Non-government cryptography researchers are a strategic asset, vital for
economic reasons, needed to provide a pool of talent/knowledge for NSA/the
Armed Forces, available to be called upon in time of war, etc.etc.

How about moving Crypto to Moscow, or perhaps St Petersberg?

-- Peter

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