NTT offering free licenses for algorithms (incl. Camellia)

Ben Laurie ben at
Sun Apr 22 15:34:47 EDT 2001

Kristen Tsolis wrote:
> According to Nikkan Kogyo News, NTT is offering four patented algorithms
> under royalty-free license for limited purposes.
> These algorithms include Camellia, EPOC, PSEC, and ESIGN.
> NTT made this announcement on the same day as the last CRYPTREC meeting. The
> CRYPTREC project was initiated by Japan's Information-technology Promotion
> Agency (IPA).
> The goal of CRYPTREC is to define standard cryptographic algorithms for use
> within the Japanese government.

There was extensive discussion on the inclusion of Camellia in TLS
ciphersuites recently - I can't remember the outcome, though, sorry.




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