cypherpunks at is going away

John Gilmore gnu at
Tue Nov 27 05:04:44 EST 2001

The cypherpunks list degenerated a long time ago to the point where I
have no idea why more than 500 people are still receiving it every

As part of cleaning up the email system on, I plan to shut
down the cypherpunks-unedited list, which receives all the traffic
sent to cypherpunks at, within the next week or two.

I suggest that anyone who wants to talk or listen about encryption
should send mail to:

	cryptography-request at

with a one-line plain text message saying "subscribe".  This will
begin the process of subscribing them to the Cryptography mailing
list, which is edited to remove irrelevant postings and to keep the
volume down and the discussion focused.  (I tried to do this with the
cypherpunks list some years ago, but was shouted down by people who
complained of "censorship".  So I just left it unedited, with the
expectable result that serious discussions deserted it.)

If you were subscribed to the cypherpunks-unedited at list because
you like to collect spam, talk with me personally and I'll see if I can
help you.  I have a large collection :-).

The old "cypherpunks-announce" list was superseded many months ago by
"meetingpunks at".  Cypherpunks-announce is no longer in

There remains a single encryption-related mailing list on,
"coderpunks" which is for people who write code.

	John Gilmore

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